​​​​​​​​​​Outings & Playgroups are posted as events on our private Facebook group as they are announced. Please join as a member to be accepted into our private group for up to date information:


Pecpta holds bi-monthly outings planned by our outings coordinators for members and their families at a discount subsidized by PECPTA.

We also have free & pay your own way playgroups that are planned monthly by our Playgroups Chair & throughout the month by members. 

Past outings have included:

-Indians Game & Kids fun day at Progressive Field

-Fire Station Tours

-Indoor Snowball Fight

-Nature Center & Animal Encounter

-Gymboree Play & Music

-The Little Gym

-The Children's Museum of Cleveland

-Great Lakes Science Center

-Private Breakfast with Santa

-Private Egg Hunt & Bunny Breakfast

& many more!

3rd & 4th Vice President

Outings Coordinators

Rachel Brenner


Chelsey Kovar




How it works


To be fair to all of our members, tickets and spots for outings are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. You may not sign up for an outing with the intention to pay later. All outings are *PAY TO PLAY*, meaning you must pay when you sign up for spots or tickets to an event.  All outings are BUY NOW, PAY NOW. 

Q. How do I pay for Outings?

​A. You can pay for Outings via paypal or cash at a meeting. Your spot will not be held until payment is made, so paypal is preferred. 

Q. How do I sign up for outings?

​A. Every outing is posted as an event on our private Facebook page.

You MUST: 

1. Comment on the event page that you want to attend the outing

2. Specify in that comment how many children & adults are coming with you

3. Clarify your payment & comment paid. (If you would like to pay via paypal or pay cash a meeting. Spots are not confirmed until payment is made. )

Q. What if I signed up for an outing and can't attend?

​A. There are no refunds OR exchanges on missed outings.

Q. If I sign up for an outing and can't attend, can I put that money towards another outing?

​A. Most outings are pre-paid by PECPTA and require head counts to the places we visit. We cannot exchange payments from one outing to another.

Q. Can someone take my place if I cannot attend an outing?

​A. Yes, but you will be responsible for all logistics and payments.

PECPTA will not be involved in any switching.

Q. How many outings are there a month?

A. There are at least two outings every month making it easy for you and your family to find what interests you and join us!

Q. What is the typical PECPTA discount like for events?
A. PECPTA generally covers half of the cost of an event per person.

**For example, our Spring Party at the Indians Game cost $10 per person for members & kids over 5. Tickets originally cost $20, but PECPTA covered $10.**


Playgroups are events planned by our members and Playgroups Chair. Playgroups are pay your own way events and are not subsidized with PTA money. These events are usually during the weekdays while our outings usually on the weekends. 

Our playgroups chair will plan 1 Playgroup a month for our group. In addition to those events, Playgroup events can be planned by ANY MEMBER! They can be splash pad visits, walks at the Metroparks, a library story time or even getting together at a park.