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The Parma Early Childhood PTA is a non-profit group for parents with children from newborn to age 6. We are part of the State and National PTA organizations and not affiliated with any preschool or church. Expectant parents and non-Parma residents are welcome to join!

We offer many fun and exciting activities for families throughout the Greater Cleveland area. Some examples are children's outings, playgroups, parties, mom's night out, guest speakers, parent/child education and much more.

We hold monthly meetings throughout the year starting in September and ending in May. We also get together during the summer for fun playgroups, the Parma 4th of July parade and Membership Drives!


Q. Do I have to be a Parma resident to join?
A.  No, but most of our members are residents, former residents or have friends or family who are residents. We welcome anyone in the surrounding area!

Q.  What does it cost to become a member?
A.  Annual membership dues are $15 per year. This covers our National, State, and local PTA dues. The cost also covers PTA activities and expenses. As a non-profit organization, alll revenues from fundraising activities and dues are used to cover expenses, including speakers for our general meetings, subsidizing outings costs for our members, group parties, community service activities and event publicity.

Q.  What are the fundraising requirements of a member?
A. Each member must raise $30/year for the group through our fundraising events. We offer several different fundraising options to make your goal throughout the year allowing for many opportunities to fulfill your requirements. We also offer a cash payout option if your goal was not met.

Q.  How big is your group?
A. Currently we have over 50 families in our group.

Q.  Is this a Mom’s group?
A.   No we are not a Mom’s group. While mostly women attend our meetings, we are open to all those interested in activities for their children and bettering our community. Dad's, Grandparents, etc. are welcome to become involved and join! We offer Mom's night outs, Couples night outs and all activities can include parents, one parent, grandparents, etc. Most of the time, entire families will attend the parties, fundraising events and activities!

Q.  I work full time. Am I still able to join or will I miss out on all the activities?
A. YES! Our group is diverse. Most of our members work part or full time. We have stay at home moms and dads, full time working parents, part time working parents and more. We have playgroups during the day and events like outings, parties and fundraisers during the evening and on weekends to accommodate all schedules. Our monthly meetings are held Tuesday evenings at 7pm so it is more convenient for people to come. 

Q. What type of activities do you offer parents and kids?
A. Check out our Outings Page for a listing of our current outings. Our group is able to work with area businesses to arrange tours, special events geared toward the preschool age group. We offer activities all over the Greater Cleveland area. We post playgroup information on our private Facebook page regularly and information for Mom's Night out is also posted on our Facebook and given out at meetings.

Q.  Where do I get more information?
A. You may use our online contact form and someone will contact you or find us on Facebook! You are always welcome to check out one of our meetings!

Q. What happens at your monthly meeting?
A. Meetings start with signing in and recording your volunteer hours (if applicable), grabbing some snacks and catching up with friends. We always have speaker or activity for the month that will do a program for us, then we finish up with the business part of our meeting. Meetings can typically last last 1-2 hours depending on the speaker/program and what business needs to be conducted. If you are new and visiting a meeting, let us know! We will explain more about our group, answer questions, introduce you to members and give you a "tour" of PECPTA.  We also have babysitters at the meeting, so if you need to bring your children, they will be able to play and have a great time while you can enjoy the meeting.

Q. What are the executive committee and board members?
A. We are affiliated with National and Ohio PTA. Therefore we follow their guidelines on how our group is run. Paid members vote on issues involving the group. Officers are nominated and voted on every year and form the executive committee. Board members are those in the group that hold a board position such as President, Vice President/Program Director, 2nd Vice President Membership, 3rd & 4th Vice President Outings Coordinators, 5th & 6th Vice President Fundraising, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and PTA Council Delegates. We also have several committee chair positions which include: community service, bylaws, audits, website, spring party, fall party, refreshments, touch-a-truck, grants, inspiration and many more!

Q.  How many volunteer hours are required of members?
A.  We don't require a designated number of hours. We do require you help with at least one of our committees as a membership requirement.

Q.  How do I report my hours?
A. At each meeting there is a sign-in sheet. There, you will record the hours you worked on a PTA function, attended a PTA event (including meetings), worked on fundraising, etc. There is always a list to accompany the sign-in sheet to refresh your memory of the past months activities you may have participated in!

Q.  How do I pay for activities?

A.  Once you become a paid PECPTA Member, you will be able to attend our PECPTA Outings and events. All activities in PECPTA are Pay to Play and you must pay for your spot/tickets at time of sign up. We use paypal for most payments but cash is also accepted. Read more about paying for outings here.

Q.  What is the deadline for sign-ups?

A.  Signups for our events are all first come, first serve and activities fill up fast.  You must pay at the time you sign up; space is not reserved until payment is received. Check each event notice for specific sign-up deadline information.

Q.  I could not attend an activity. Can I get a refund?

A.  Sorry, there are NO REFUNDS for activities. Many activities are priced based on participation. Sometimes we are required to give a number of people attending prior to the event.

Q.  Why do I have to pay for activities if I paid my dues?

A.  While we get special discounts on activities, our budget does not allow us to cover the cost of all activities. We want a variety of things to offer our members, even if there is a cost involved. We do offer free activities and most are at a very minimal cost.

Megan Kline


1st Vice President, Programs
Elissa Ray

2nd Vice President, Membership 
Laura Horsburgh


3rd & 4th Vice President, Outings 

Rachel Brenner


Chelsey Kovar


5th & 6th Vice President, Fundraising 

Amanda PerryMiller

Whitney Hudak



Heather Ekeshi

Recording Secretary 
Katy Lantzer


Corresponding Secretary 

Heather Crawford


Council Delegates

Amanda Karpus